Texas Grandma Kills Massive Gator After Suspecting It Ate Her Miniature Horse

By Tom Ozimek
Tom Ozimek
Tom Ozimek
Tom Ozimek is a senior reporter for The Epoch Times. He has a broad background in journalism, deposit insurance, marketing and communications, and adult education.
September 19, 2018Updated: September 19, 2018

A Texas grandmother shot and killed a massive alligator on her ranch on Sept. 17, after suspecting the 12-foot reptile ate her miniature horse.

Judy Cochran told Fox5 that she believed the gator was responsible for her horse going missing three years ago.

“The horse just disappeared, so we’re thinking the gator got it,” said Cochran, according to Fox5.

Cochran, who also happens to be Mayor of Livingston, told reporters that she had been trying to catch the offending reptile on her Goodrich ranch since her miniature horse disappeared.

“We think this is the gator that ate one of our miniature horses several years ago, as big as this gator was, he could’ve easily eaten it,” Cochran told the Houston Chronicle. “Typically the gators don’t bother us, but we’ve been looking for (this one).”

Trouble was, hunting alligators is only permitted over the course of several weeks every September.

“Polk County is one of 12 core counties that you can only kill a gator between September the 10th and September the 30th—only that 20 days,” said Cochran.

But this year, her son-in-law Scott Hughes managed to bait and catch the 12-footer by using a dead raccoon on a hook.

“When Scott called, he said, we’ve got the big one, Nana, so come on down,” said Cochran, according to the report.

A video posted in the comments section of Hughes’ Facebook post shows an unidentified man pulling the gator towards the shoreline using a rope.

Cochran can be seen in the video posturing up, with a Winchester .22 magnum rifle at her shoulder.

“Yeah, that’s a big one. That’s a monster,” an unidentified voice can be heard in the video “Nana, you better hit him good. Ok, get ‘em right by the brain.”

The woman fires at the alligator and a moment later the video cuts out.

Hughes heaped praise on the elderly sharpshooter, saying “One shot ––––––> One Big-un down!” and “Congratulations #BigBoss.”

The gator reportedly weighed an impressive 580lb.

“Moye Taxidermy will be processing it, we’ll eat the meat, have the head mounted and have the ridgeback part of the tail in my office,” Cochran told the Chronicle. “We’ll have the hide tanned to make some boots out of it, you can only make boots from the belly.”

“Thank you Stephen Moye and Mr. Danny for going above and beyond making sure we had a safe, Ethical Hunt!” Hughes added.