Texas Couple Raises $1,500 for Homeless Man Who Sells Newspapers

December 19, 2018 Updated: December 19, 2018

A Texas couple whose initial goal was to raise $100 for a homeless man they frequently pass by ended up presenting him with $1,500.

Pierce and Amy Caldwell said they see the homeless man, who they said is named Bill, several times a week selling newspapers to try to earn money.

Pierce Caldwell shared video footage showing him and his wife presenting Bill with the money.

“My wife and I raised $1,500 for Bill. Felt great giving it to him. Merry Christmas Bill,” Caldwell wrote on Facebook.

In the video, Amy Caldwell can be heard saying, “I know you don’t know me, but I’ve seen you around San Antonio for a long time and a lot of the customers that you give papers to wanted to get together and wish you a Merry Christmas.”

Money given to homeless man in Texas
A homeless man, Bill, in San Antonio. A couple raised $1,500 for him and recorded a video delivering the funds to him, leaving him shocked. (Sweet newspaper Man 1604/281/GoFundMe)

She shows the man the money they raised and says how much it is, leaving the man stunned. “$1,500?!” he says.

Amy Caldwell wrote on GoFundMe that the man, Bill, goes around San Antonio selling newspapers, including on 1604 and 281.

“He has such a sweet Thankful attitude and always a smile on his face. Bill never misses a day of work, rain or shine. Through his gentle attitude, kindness, and positive outlook on life he brings happiness to others. Our community and Neighbors would like to show our appreciation to Bill this holiday season by gifting him a much-deserved blessing,” she wrote.

Pierce Caldwell told KOAI that he and his wife wanted to show their appreciation for the homeless man.

“We appreciate him and the community appreciates him. The people that buy his papers are the people who donated money so it wasn’t just us to feel this happiness for this man. It was 80 other families that felt the same way as us,” said Caldwell. “I hope it’s a jump start to improving his future.”

homeless man with newspapers
Bill, a homeless man in San Antonio, Texas who sells newspapers to make money, kneels on the ground recently as a couple approaches him to give him money they raised. (Pierce Caldwell via Storyful)

He said that the moment the man saw the money, his eyes lit up.

“Just shock like pure just shock. I saw his eyes light up. I don’t think he knew how much money it was and then when we told him, he was like just so happy,” said Caldwell.

He said he grew up poor and remembers what it was like.

Based on the success of the fundraiser, the Caldwells are now working on a new campaign for Christmas gifts for children in San Antonio.

“We want to give out as many Christmas Presents to kids as possible. For the kids who may not get any Christmas Presents we want to make sure they have a good Christmas. Anything helps. If you cannot donate please try to do something nice for somebody this holiday season,” wrote Piece Caldwell on the new campaign.

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