Texas Boy, 4, Dies After Being Attacked by Family Dogs

August 1, 2017 Updated: August 1, 2017

A 4-year-old boy in Texas was killed by a pack of family dogs at his home.

Police officers in El Paso found Jacob Brooks’s body in the backyard of the home at around 8 p.m. on Thursday, July 27, USA Today reported.

Jacob’s mother was taken into custody and taken to an area medical facility.

The dogs, which were of different sizes and breeds, were taken to animal control. KVIA-TV reported on Monday that the dogs were euthanized.

“The child had been left by his mother in an enclosed trampoline in the backyard where there were four dogs,” police said in a news release on Friday.

One neighbor told KFOX-TV that he was playing basketball when he heard a woman crying, saying her child had run away.

“So I jumped over the gate, and that’s when I found the dogs in one corner. The far left of the house,” neighbor Albert Hernandez said. “I got closer and closer, and that’s when they realized (the dogs were) coming. The first (dog) attacked me, which was the biggest one … I had to hit it in the face, and that’s when it ran.”

When officers arrived on the scene, they found the boy’s lifeless body in the backyard, KFOX reported.

Other neighbors responded to the mauling.

“The ambulance came, and when we saw the people who live there come out of the house crying, I imagined right away” what may have unfolded, neighbor Ramon Payan said Friday. “They have a lot of dogs, and aggressive dogs—pit bulls and German shepherds, big and small, about 10 dogs—and young children,” he said, according to USA Today.

Sebastian Hernandez, 15, another neighbor told KVIA, “Those dogs were really crazy, they were always biting on each other.”