Texan Bombarded With Messages, Mistaken for Australian Running for PM

August 24, 2018 Updated: August 24, 2018

A Peter Dutton living in Texas was bombarded with messages after being mistaken for Australian politician Peter Dutton who was challenging the country’s prime minister for the top job.

The 30-year-old popcorn sales manager, whose Twitter handle is @PetterDutton5, never have expected that he would be contacted by hundreds of people in just 24 hours—messages of both support and criticism—regarding the leadership position of one of Australia’s major political parties, the Liberal Party.

“I wish the people of Australia would look at my profile and realize I’m a 30 yr old black man before sending me tweets and DMs,” a post on Dutton’s Twitter profile read.

The Australian Peter Dutton uses the Twitter account @PeterDutton_MP.

“Mate. It’s anyone’s game at the moment over here. Come try out for Prime Minister?” one Twitter user wrote.

Even when Twitter users realised the popcorn entrepreneur never had plans to run as leader of the great brown land—having his hands full with his growing business and wife who is expecting a baby girl—they still reminded him the door is wide open, “should he be up for the task.”

“This may be an odd question…..but would you like to be the Prime Minister of Australia?” another Twitter post sent to Dutton read.

To which Dutton replied: “Sign me up!”

Dutton has expressed his goodwill towards the people of Australia. “I wish the Australian people nothing but blessings and luck!” he said, the ABC reported.

The enthusiasm among the Twitter community became all too real.

“Make this guy our next prime minister!” another comment read.

With all the praises coming his way, Dutton is now planning his next flight to visit Down Under.

“Aussie friends: What’s the best airline to get me to Australia? The genuine love has convinced me that I need to come personally say “Thank You” to all of my Australian family! Any insight would help,” Dutton tweeted.

“Thank, Peter “The Peoples PM” Dutton ??,” he signed.

“Mate as the PM of this great country you just tell us where you are and we will send the private jet to come pick you up at no cost,” one Twitter user wrote.

And while that would be nice, others gave more practical suggestions.

“@PeterDutton5 Needs to start a gofund me to get this trip paid for. He needs to do an Australian talk-show tour like now!!” one user posted.

And so Dutton did. He created a GoFundMe account to fund his travel to Australia. But Dutton’s main purpose isn’t to become the people’s Prime Minister, even though he dons the designation on his Twitter profile like a badge of honour.

Dutton hopes he can share his gourmet Soul Popped popcorn with the Australian community.

“We would love nothing more than to get our amazing popcorn to Australia. No store is too small or too large. If you or someone you know can help us make it happen, have them contact me. Never been to Australia but it’s at the top of my list now,” he wrote on Twitter. “My people need me!”

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