Terrifying ‘Traveler’ Goes Through X-Ray at Airport Security, a Frightful Sight for TSA

May 30, 2019 Updated: May 31, 2019


Can you imagine going through airport security and seeing this frightening thing ahead of you, going through the X-ray in front of your bin? The sight of this decaying “corpse” might be enough to make some people queasy, but relax … it’s just a prop!

When this “dead passenger” passed through the X-ray machine one horrifying day in May 2016 at the Atlanta International Airport, one of the TSA officers made sure to snap a few pictures of the ghastly guest.

Although it was a scary sight to behold, it turned out that a movie production crew was just transporting a prop from the 2003 horror flick “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” as per a report from the Daily Mail.

The TSA posted the photos on their Instagram along with a caption, which read: “Talk about deadheading… This crusty ol’ chap is actually a prop from the #TexasChainsawMassacre movie.”

“He was brought through a checkpoint at the Atlanta (#ATL) International Airport, where as you can see, he was screened and sent on his jolly way,” the post further read.

Now, all we need to know is if “he” has his own seat on the airplane too!

Unsurprisingly, the bizarre photo went viral and garnered over 11,000 reactions.

While many Instagram users responded with “OMG” or “hahahah…,” others were less enthused by the prospect of sitting next to the dead man. “Not in the seat next to me..” said one netizen. “Thank you Check that thing.”

Another person inquired: “Did he get his own seat? It’s not like he could go in overhead storage…. ;)”

As per Mental Floss, each year, TSA authorities screen about 700 million passengers across 450 airports, and sometimes they come across the weirdest items. In 2018, the TSA authorities revealed some of the most bizarre things passengers carried in their handbags, as per a report in the Daily Mail.

These items when passed through the X-Ray were confiscated. One of them was a wedding themed-hand grenade.

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“The grenades were ‘dressed’ for a formal event, in tuxedos and were accompanied by a large set of instructions to not pack them for a flight. But alas, this traveler ignored the instructions provided by the manufacturer and it resulted in the grenades being confiscated,” TSA pointed out about the Aug. 20, 2018, discovery at Newark Liberty International Airport.

The TSA went on to logically explain why these gifts that were meant for groomsmen were confiscated. The caption on Instagram read: “When our officers spot a potential explosive on the monitor, they cannot just open the bag and take a looksee to find out if it’s real or not. A TSA explosives specialist or a police department bomb squad must respond before the bag is ever opened.”

They further added: “This can lead to costly evacuations, delays, and missed flights. These types of items can also lead to hefty fines and arrest. Contact your preferred shipper about your options, because they can’t travel via commercial aircraft. So even though they aren’t real, they can cause a lot of headaches.”

What do you think of these items? Frightful, or funny?

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