Ten Million Withdrawals from the CCP to Coincide With Hu's U.S. Visit

April 17, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: April 17, 2006 12:00 am

When Hu Jintao, the Chinese leader and Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), begins his U.S. visit next week, the number of people who renounce the CCP and its affiliated organizations on the Epoch Time's website will likely reach ten million. Many groups around the world will attend a large rally in Washington D.C. in support of the ten million renunciations, and to protest against the CCP's persecution of Chinese people. The protest will also focus on the recent discoveries of genocidal organ harvesting of healthy living Falun Gong practitioners unlawfully locked up in China's labor camps.

Activities in support of “Quitting the CCP” started in Australia. Dr. Gao Dawei, head of The Global Service Center of Quitting Chinese Communist Party (Service Center), said that ten million renunciations of the CCP is a significant milestone. It marks the CCP as on the verge of disintegration, and its recent movement to “maintain the 'advanced nature of the communist party members'” and its dollar diplomacy have achieved nothing. Dr. Gao said that the recently revealed organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners has shaken up more people, and he believes the CCP's disintegration “will happen any minute.”

Dr. Gao Dawei explained that the reason the CCP government has continued to survive is because “God is waiting for more Chinese people to wake up to the CCP's true wicked nature, and save themselves by renouncing their CCP memberships. He calls to Chinese people to create a better future by quitting the CCP as soon as possible.

Activities in Support of Ten Million People Renouncing the CCP Began in Australia

On April 8, close to four hundred people rallied in Sydney to support the ten million Chinese who have renounced the CCP. Many celebrities spoke at the rally, including the leader of the Greens of New South Whales, the leader of the Democratic Party Leader of New South Whales, the head of Vietnamese Broadcasting Company in Sidney, a Global Peace Association representative, a Tibetan Group representative, a former Democratic Movement leader in Australia Yang Jun, and China researcher Chen Hongxin.

Human rights activist Chen Yonglin said the renunciations of ten million brave Chinese people gave him full confidence that rule of law will return to China. Mr. Feng Haiguang, a democracy activist who had escaped to Australia recently also spoke at the rally. Mr. Feng and his wife Li Hongyan declared their real names when withdrawing from the CCP on July 2, 2005 while still in China.

According to Dr. Gao Dawei, the rally in Australia is the prologue of a large scale, world-wide series of activities in support of the ten million renunciations; a multinational rally in Washington D.C. will climax these activities. Gao said, “What Hu will see in the U.S. will be a grand spectacle of people renouncing the CCP.”

The Revelation of Organ Harvesting from Living People Has Hastened the Renunciations of CCP

The shocking revelation of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners in China's concentration and labor camps has stunned many Chinese people. According to the Global Center, each day in the past few weeks many grieved and indignant Chinese people sent withdrawal statements strongly denouncing the CCP.

A Chinese from Guangxi Province who calls himself Guang Xi said, “How can the CCP be so cruel to its own people? They are either cheating them or suppressing them with violence. Now they even harvest human organs for profit. How can I be a successor of such a criminal organization?”

Another renunciation statement, co-signed by 24 people, stated, “Our hearts are crying. Legend has it that jackals and wolves eat human hearts, liver, and skin. The CCP is crueler than wolves. We regret for being cheated by the CCP.”

A spokesperson of the Global Center said Falun Gong practitioners who were killed by the CCP have awakened people with their own blood. The spokesperson believes more and more people will quit the CCP when they learn the truth about organ harvesting.

The CCP's Greatest Fear is the Trend of Quitting the CCP

“The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” published at the end of 2004 sparked a mass resignation from the CCP. Since then, the CCP has made many efforts to stop the withdrawals but the resignation number keeps rising. In mainland China now, group resignations have become the trend. Many statements posted on the “Quitting CCP” website are co-signed by a large number of people.

In March 2006, employees of a food regulation organization in Huangpi, Wuhan City, Hubei Province were illegally detained and viciously beaten for appealing for their rights. After the incident, over one hundred workers declared their quitting the CCP. The collective withdrawals terrified the CCP leaders. Seven workers were on house arrested, and one was illegally jailed for 15 days.

According to the Chengming Magazine , on the day the Chinese National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference ended, Hu Jintao made a speech about the “deep problems and crisis” within the CCP. Dr. Gao Dawei said the CCP leaders have seen clearly the awakening of people's spirit, and the crisis in which this spiritual movement brings to the CCP.

Mr. Zhang Tianliang, an Epoch Times columnist, said many people doubt the reliability of the number of renunciations, but the resulting panic of CCP leaders reflects the authenticity of the number. Zhang said Hu Jintao and other senior ranked officials all realize they don't have a future. Recently, many foreign mines were bought by CCP officials so as to leave themselves a way out.