Teens Ignored ‘Danger’ Sign Before Girl Fell Down Cliff in San Francisco

July 3, 2017 Updated: July 3, 2017

A teenager who fell to her death in San Francisco ignored a danger sign that was posted nearby, according to officials.

U.S. Park Police said Victoria La Rocca, 17, and two others “parked a vehicle along El Camino Del Mar” before walking “to a fence that has a sign indicating ‘Danger Area Closed,'” CBS News reported.

“All three juveniles disregarded this sign and made their way through this fence and walked to the Painted Rock cliffs edge,” stated Park Police. “United States Park Police Detectives confirmed with two of the juveniles that they knew the area was closed to the public but did so anyway.”

La Rocca, who is a student at the city’s St. Ignatius College Preparatory High School, fell about 150 to 200 feet before landing on a rock. KPIX reported that she died on the way to the hospital after a rescue operation.

Officials said she slipped as they were heading to the Painted Rock cliffs. Responding officers found her lying on the rock, suffering from “extensive trauma to her head and body,” CBS reported.

“Imagine a person being on the rocks and attempting to rescue that person off the rocks,” San Francisco Fire Department spokesman Lt. Jonathan Baxter told the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s extremely technical and difficult, and takes precision.”

School officials issued a statement.

“We mourn her loss and ask you to pray for her entire family and friends,” they wrote in an email to parents, KPIX reported. “Please keep Tori and her entire family in your prayers in their hour of need.”

The rescue attempt to save Victoria was the fifth time in the past week. The other incidents were nonfatal, Baxter noted.

“We want to put emphasis that the beaches and the cliffs are definitely beautiful,” Baxter added to the newspaper. “But you have to be cautious and understand your boundaries and stay within those boundaries.”