Teens Caught on Camera Putting Insecticide on Children’s Toys in Walmart

October 26, 2017 Updated: October 26, 2017

Two teens were captured on video vandalizing a Walmart in Millington, Tennessee, reportedly pouring insecticides on children’s toys.

The incident was reported Sunday, Oct. 22, and since then police say they have identified the suspects.

It is not clear if they were arrested or what charges they face. Calls to the Millington Police Department were not returned as of publication.

“It’s amazing what young people that have nothing to do can come up with,” Walmart shopper Sandy Bass told WMC Action News 5. “To create a sickness in a young child. Babies put stuff in their mouth, kids put stuff in their mouth—it’s natural.”

The teens, who have not been identified because they are minors, can be seen in photos released by police walking through the Walmart.

Cameras captured them “vandalizing property and intentionally spilling insecticide chemicals in the children’s toy department,” Fox 13 quoted a police press release as saying.

The pair later drove away in white truck with black stripes down the middle.

Police announced the next day at about 4 p.m. that the two youth were identified with the help of the community.

“Thank you to everyone who shared the post. Special Thank You to those who commented, called, or emailed with information. It is always greatly appreciated,” the police wrote on Facebook.

Walmart said that the affected areas have been cleaned and the merchandise that was affected removed, WMC reported.

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