Teenager Requests Different Mugshot Photo After Sydney Jailbreak; Captured by Police

By Chika Dunu, Epoch Times
August 29, 2016 Updated: August 29, 2016

An Australian woman who commented on her own “Wanted” photo on Facebook has been arrested by police, according to local authorities.

Amy Sharp, 18, had escaped from Surry Hills Corrective Services Cell Complex on Aug. 19 and had evaded capture for nearly a week.

Police released two mugshots of a bare-faced Sharp, draped in an oversized red blanket and a downtrodden facial expression. The photo was posted on the Facebook page of 7 News Sydney. While on the run, Sharp offered a more appealing photo of herself in the comments section.

“Can you use this photo, please and thank you. Yours Truly, Amy Sharp xx,” wrote Sharp from her own personal Facebook page on Aug. 25.

She accompanied the request with a photo of herself, showing her smiling face.

Sharp’s suggestion was “liked” more than 62,000 times and was met with mixed reactions from other Facebook users. Some users praised the teenager for her attitude.

Tayla Carpenter wrote, “This girl is my hero.. On the run and asks them to use a different photo, I’m dying” along with a laughing emoji. Ethan Lee Grubs wrote, “That’s so savage” with heart eyes emoji.

Others called for compassion and help for the escapee, while other users slammed Sharp for her brazen behavior. Debra Sharpe wrote, “Poor girl looks like she needs some help, not being locked up. Giving young people who need help a criminal record only makes it harder for them to get back on their feet, it makes me so freaking mad!!”

“Hope she is caught and locked back up. Danger to the public and hopefully serves more time for putting people and risk and escaping,” said another person.

In response to Dangerfield, Sharp wrote: “It’s people like you that made me run.”

She was later arrested in Wentworth Park by police just after midnight on Aug. 27.

Sharp was charged with escaping lawful custody as well as an outstanding warrant, and appeared at Parramatta court on Saturday, according to New South Wales police.