Teen Wolf Season 4: Episode 8 Summary; Does Scott Die? Who is the Benefactor?

Teen Wolf season 4 has had a lot of action so far and tonight’s episode is no exception.

The official episode summary doesn’t reveal much, but does say that Scott carries out a dangerous plan while Malia confronts her past.

Bustle notes that the promos for episode 8, Time of Death, make it seem as if Scott dies for real this time.

“So what exactly can we glean from the promos introduced on Teen Wolf’s after show Wolf Watch? In the first video, which was a bonus scene from Time of Death, the unlikely duo of Stiles and Chris Argent send The Benefactor, or possibly a different mysterious person, a chat saying Scott has been killed and that they were ready for their payment. When the response they get is just ‘Visual confirmation is required,’ Chris Argent gets a little snippy and answers with a very scary threat. Obviously at this point Scott has not been killed — Stiles would be devastated — but it seems like the duo has an interesting plan. Whether or not this plan will work is questionable,” it said.

“The main preview for Time of Death shows many characters talking about this plan that will bring them closer to finding out the identity of The Benefactor, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of people on board. The main doubters seem to be Liam and Kira’s mother. As the preview continues we see both Kira’s mother and Scott in danger of dying. And at the end of the preview, the possibility of the true alpha’s death seems all but confirmed.”

Executive director Jeff Davis told Entertainment Weekly that the Benefactor’s identity will be revealed soon.

“It’s actually not as simple an answer as it might appear,” he said.

“It brings up big questions answered in the final three episodes—events that go back to the very first season of Teen Wolf, with secrets revealed about what happened after the Hale fire.”

The description for the next episode, Perishable, has also come out–and seems to confirm that Scott does not die, although it could be a misdirection.

“An assassin targets Scott and Liam at the lacrosse team’s annual bonfire. Lydia discovers a family secret,” it says.

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