Teen Hailed a Hero For Saving Woman From Kidnapper

February 8, 2016 Updated: February 8, 2016

Malyk Bonnet, a 17-year-old from Quebec, Canada, is being called a hero after he saved a woman from her ex-boyfriend.

Bonnet went to great lengths in order to protect the woman and aid in her escape from her ex-boyfriend, who abducted her and made death threats, the CBC reported.

When Bonnet first saw the couple, they were fighting.

“The guy was screaming at her, the girl. He wasn’t really gentle with her, and I started watching, because I thought he would hit her, so I approached them a little bit,” Bonnet said.

Bonnet said the couple asked him for money to take the bus to Laval, Quebec. He agreed to get change at a convenience store and gave them some money. But he noticed that the woman was terrified when they got a moment alone.

He came up with a plan: even though he lived in Montreal, he would pretend like he was going to Laval and would go with them via bus.

“My plan was to keep them in a public place, where there’s a lot of people. I decided to make myself friendly with the man, so he would trust me. So I played my game,” Bonnet told the broadcaster.

However, he didn’t realize that at the time, police were looking for the ex-boyfriend, who was described by police as “very dangerous.”

“We were looking for a 29-year-old woman who was kidnapped by her former boyfriend earlier that day, and we believed that man was very dangerous,” said Laval police Lt. Daniel Guérin.

He kept the boyfriend occupied as they took the bus to Laval. Then, he called the police.

When police arrived at a Tim Horton’s, the kidnapper didn’t realized Bonnet made the call.

“He was really surprised, he didn’t know that it was me,” added Bonnet. “So I played my game right.”

Regarding the kidnapped woman, “She was almost crying. She was so happy, so happy not to be with him,” he said.

Bonnet also said he wasn’t afraid of the man, as he’s quite big.

“The guy was really tiny, so if he had something to do I would kick his [expletive],” Bonnet said.