Ted Williams, Homeless Man With Golden Voice, Reunites With Mother

January 7, 2011 Updated: October 8, 2018

[youtube]vPsoUuLYE_g[/youtube] Ted Williams reunites with his mother.Ted Williams, the protagonist behind the “man with the golden voice” viral video, reunited with his 92 year-old mother, Julia Williams on Thursday after not seeing her for nearly 20 years.

The Brooklyn-born homeless man became famous after a Columbus Dispatch reporter recorded a video of him displaying his rich baritone voice along a highway exit ramp in Columbus, Ohio. After someone uploaded the video onto YouTube, the man became an instant viral sensation, garnering over 8 million views.

The touching reunion took place on NBC’s Today show on Thursday morning. Williams’ mother said to him on the show: “Don’t disappoint me. Hold your life together.”

The former radio announcer had a history of alcohol abuse and also became addicted to crack cocaine. After getting laid off from his radio job, he took to the streets. He said he has been sober for the past two and a half years, according to a report by the Dispatch.

Since his rise to fame this week, Williams has recorded a commercial for Kraft and a promo for MSNBC. He has also been offered an announcement job for the Cleveland Cavaliers, which Williams said he will take on, the Dispatch reported on Wednesday.

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