Ted Cruz Confronts Trump Supporters in Indiana: Trump ‘Is Playing You for a Chump’

By Giuliana Manca, Epoch Times
May 3, 2016 Updated: May 3, 2016

Republican presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz recently debated with his opponent’s supporters.

The Texan senator engaged in conversation with Donald J. Trump supporters in Marion, Indiana. During that May 2 conversation, captured in the above video, Cruz tells the crowd that “[Trump] is lying to you and he is taking advantage of you.” 

The exchange goes on for almost 10 minutes, during which Cruz discusses second amendment rights, his campaign’s financing, violence at Trump rallies, and “carpeting bombing” ISIS. 

Supporters of the Republican presidential frontrunner repeatedly call for Cruz to “Do the math,” insist that the senator drop out of the Republican primary race, and shout “Lyin’ Ted!”

When the Texan tells the group that he is running to be “everyone’s president,” a Trump supporter, wearing black sunglasses and a hooded grey sweatshirt, replies “we don’t want you” 

“You are entitled to your view sir, and I will respect it,” replies Cruz. Holding a Trump campaign sign, the same supporter interrupts the senator, telling him to “do the math!” You asked Kasich to drop out, now it’s your turn.” 

Cruz asks the supporter what he likes about Trump, the supporter replies “everything” before specifying his support of Trump’s plan to build a wall along the USA-Mexico border. 

While Cruz attempts to rebut the support yells out “Lyin’ Ted!” 

“You are the problem,” the Trump supporter tells Cruz, “You are the problem, politician.” 

Unfazed by Cruz’s attempts to counter, the Trump supporter brings up Cruz’s connection to Goldman Sachs.

“Where’s your Goldman Sachs jacket at? We know your wife works there.” According to Cruz, his presidential bid has been supported by 1.3 million campaign contributions that average $60. 

“Sir, with all respect” Cruz directly addressing the supporter, “Donald Trump is deceiving you. He is playing you for a chump.” 

YouTube user LesGrossman2015, who uploaded the above video, also uploaded an interview with the Trump supporter had the debate with.