Technological Advancements in the London Scaffolding Industry

October 8, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

London Scaffolding

The big news is that the latest technological advancements in scaffolding have created a huge change in the industry. The big advancement is the F-Board and this innovation will affect every scaffolding company across the capital.

The F-Board is a totally revolutionary scaffolding platform constructed from 100% recycled plastic so it is much more eco-friendly than the traditional wooden platforms. They are the same dimensions as the current wooden boards so you can evolve your structures to these revolutionary boards over time. The main crunch as well is that they are cheaper and easier to manufacture so that will spark the new area of the scaffolding industry.  

The boards are more technologically advanced and easier to erect which will give a much needed rise in efficiency of work flow for scaffolding hires and tower hires across London. They have better features with non-slip surfaces and are much lighter, so are easier to transport and carry.

Wooden board have been the stable diet of the construction industry for the last 10 years, due to their viability, however many businesses have realised that many problems have arisen from using wood in the scaffolding construction process, this is due to the fact that wood cannot be realised on for each unit to be unified as they can have knots and irregularities. These in turn can cause splits and cracks that bring un-necessary danger to scaffolding, and of course wood can absorb water get heaver and rot.

The recognition of these failings by the scaffolding industry has been the catalyst to the innovation of the more effective plastic F-boards, that not only increase productivity for a lower rate, but can also make the job safer.

The boards are made from recycled UPVC that creates a stronger board than wood but much lighter. They can withstand fire for longer periods than their wooden counter parts, and have a greater resistance to impact.

The F-Board has been proven to be more economical and safer. This will be driving the new era of scaffolding across London and the whole country. Great news for the building and property markets for years to come.