Teacher Reveals Just How Much Sugar Is in One Bottle of Soda — the Results Will Scare You

May 1, 2019 Updated: May 2, 2019

In this video, a science-loving teacher in Australia uses the power of chemistry to show his class what is in their favorite fizzy drinks.

We get to see the whole process from the purchase of the drink all the way through to the weigh in! He buys a Red Soda Cream from the shop, making sure to get his change of course, then empties that out into his glass beaker in the science lab. Bunsen burner is already waiting, then this red liquid is put above the heat and with a clever time lapse, we see it slowly evaporating.

Two hours later, the red liquid is gone and we are left with caramelized sugar. Our science teacher doesn’t stop there though; he leaves that sugary goodness on the heat for much longer and soon enough it becomes black crystallized sugar. It is gloppy, black and disgusting; looks more like a witches potion than a fun red fizzy drink! Once it is at its most gloopy and disgusting state, our beloved science teacher gives the beaker a weigh. Watch how much this thing weighs!

To demonstrate, he even takes this lesson one step further and makes sure he shows how much sugar will fill up the original soda bottle. Most importantly, he uses white sugar so we can all see clearly that it’s not black and rank. We wouldn’t be happy putting that in our tea, would we? Imagine what our insides look like!

Video Credit: Newsflare