Teacher Receives Precious Christmas Gift From Student With ‘Nothing to Give’

December 23, 2018 Updated: December 24, 2018

A third-grade teacher received a gift on the last day of school before Christmas break from one of her students who had “nothing to give.” It stood out to her so much that she decided to share the story to social media to encourage others to keep life in perspective and be grateful.

Rachel Uretsky-Pratt from Washington said that on the last day of school it is common for teachers to bring their students some small gifts. She also said teachers occasionally receive presents from their students.

“Today I received some chocolates, sweet handmade notes, some jewelry, but these Lucky Charms marshmallows stood out to me the most,” Uretsky-Pratt said in a Facebook post.

The post featured an image of a small bag filled with colorful marshmallows.

To help put your life into perspective: Today was the last day before our winter break. We will have two weeks off to…

Rachel Uretsky-Pratt 发布于 2018年12月19日周三

“You see, 100 percent of my school is on free/reduced lunch. They also get free breakfast at school every day of the school week,” she explained. “This kiddo wanted to get me something so badly, but had nothing to give.”

“So rather than give me nothing, this student opened up her free breakfast cereal this morning, took the packaging of her spork, straw, and napkin, and finally took the time to take every marshmallow out of her cereal to put in a bag—for me,” she added.

The touching story went viral with more than 119,000 shares and 353,000 likes since Dec. 19.

Comments flooded in praising the young student and her adorable gesture, with many describing the gesture as touching, sweet, special, and precious.

“Anyone who loves Lucky Charms knows how the best part is the marshmallows. This gift took effort and true sacrifice,” one person said.

“This is such a beautiful gift her marshmallows when you think about how precious they are to children that’s the best part of their cereal,” another person said. “I am crying like a baby this is beautiful. God bless her little heart.”

“I don’t know whether to smile or cry so I’ll do both,” a third person said.

Teachers who saw Uretsky-Pratt’s touching story also shared their own experiences.

“I still have some of the treasures that the students brought me. I loved my students and cherished everyone of them. God bless them one and all!” one teacher said.

Another teacher shared her experiences teaching in a school that also provides free lunch.

“One child apologized to me for ‘only giving me a home made cake’ that she had made with her mum. That cake was worth a million of the more expensive gifts people will receive this Christmas,” she said on Facebook.

Another person wrote: “I have a gift given by a student made of a used sock stuffed with paper and a box that he cut into a sleigh! Most important decoration on my tree every year! Given straight from his heart. You should have seen the pride in his eyes giving it to me! I felt like the most blessed person on earth.”

Christmas is a time of giving—and while the young student had almost nothing to give, it did not stop her from doing what she could.

One comment said: “This kid may not have any money or many material possessions, but she has a heart of gold, thoughtfulness, and ingenuity. What a source of light in the world!”

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