Taylor Swift Has 100 Fans Who Kept ‘Shake It Off’ Video a Secret

Taylor Swift fans are likely shedding a few happy tear drops on their guitars after the Monday announcement that the singer is releasing her first official pop album. 

Swift’s fans have also revealed their die-hard nature by keeping quiet about the new song video that they were part of.

Swift gave an interview on Good Morning America on Tuesday, saying that 100 fans knew about her music video but didn’t say a peep before it was released. They kept the secret for some two months and Swift didn’t make them sign any waivers.

“We did do 30 days of shooting to get that exquisite dance performance from me,” Swift said. 

Swift said that the secret to success is that she tries to have more fun than the people who try to put her down. 

When an interviewer said that the song sounds like something to be played at the end of a wedding, Swift agreed. 

“That is what I wanted it to be,” she said. And although there were some rumblings about a new album coming out, the real surprise was that no one let the media in on the secret. 

Swift is not the first high-profile celebrity to keep her work on the down low, as Beyoncé kept her whole album a secret from the world and then released 14 new songs and 17 new videos on iTunes. 

Justin Timberlake also had a hidden track on his album The 20/20 Experience.