Taxpayers Paid Thousands for Helicopter Delivery of Governor’s Wallet to His Beach House

By Denisse Moreno, Epoch Times
April 15, 2016 Updated: April 15, 2016

The Governor of Alabama is in hot water over an expensive delivery.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley forgot his wallet late in 2014—and a police helicopter was sent to retrieve it—costing taxpayers $4,000, according to

It sounds bad and looks bad, but I did not authorize that.
— Robert Bentley, Alabama Governor

Bently, who is already facing calls to resign over a sex scandal, said on April 14 that he did not request the unusual delivery method.

“I did not request that a helicopter was used,” he said.

The governor had requested law enforcement officials to get him his wallet, which he had left in Tuscaloosa, a five hour drive from his beach house in Fort Morgan, according to reports.

Bentley responded to the helicopter delivery saying, “I requested they deliver my wallet, I didn’t know how they were going to do it.”

“It sounds bad and looks bad, but I did not authorize that. … They just got it to me as quickly as they could,” Bentley added.

He said he needed his wallet for security reasons so he would have identification and money to buy something to eat.

This is the latest scandal involving the politician, who has been previously accused of having an affair with a high-ranking female staffer at his office. There have been calls to impeach the governor, who admitted to making inappropriate comments to the woman, but said he did not have “physical affair” with her.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.