Taxi Drivers in China Sell Food to Make a Living

May 26, 2020 Updated: July 23, 2020
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The CCP virus epidemic has had a great impact on the taxi industry. Due to a decreasing number of passengers, some taxi drivers are forced to sell vegetables or collect rags. Some even quit their job and returned their taxis. The taxi driver in the following video turned to make a living by selling popcorn.

Taxi driver: How do you like my popcorn?
Customer: It’s delicious. I will come again.
Taxi driver: Come here more often. Life is not easy for our taxi drivers now.
Customer: How much do you make for one pot of popcorn?
Taxi driver: I earn two yuan for each pot. I can’t make more money. The problem is that there are no passengers that I can drive now.

A collection of videos circulating online shows the situation started as early as the beginning of March.

The Taxi business is going through a low point.
Unable to make ends meet, taxi drivers in different regions started different part-time jobs.
Those in Changchun are selling pineapples, those in Xinxiang strawberries and those in Haikou salted duck eggs.

Taxi drivers all switched their profession to selling pineapples. It is impossible to keep driving taxis. They all changed their profession.
Some even started to sell pork heads and stewed food.
See? The taxi drivers here are selling strawberries, which can also make some money.