‘Tasty Eats’ Brings a New Flavor to Middletown

Chinese restaurant with authentic Chinese cuisine and healthy western dishes
September 9, 2015 Updated: September 10, 2015

MIDDLETOWN—A new Chinese restaurant called “Tasty Eats” is bringing a different kind of Chinese food to Middletown.

The food is a mix of authentic Chinese cuisine with some “western elements”, like kale salad. The theme throughout the menu is healthy.

“We are trying to use the traditional ways, natural ingredients, and no MSG,” said Richard Yin, one of the owners. “We don’t use the deep fry to fry things, and most of our ingredients are from local farms.”

Yin says the restaurant is unique in that it offers dishes like Chinese casserole (a soup-like dish),  tofu clay pots, and a selection of braised and smoked meat, which you won’t find at most Chinese restaurants in the area.

It also tries to use organic ingredients when possible. 

The restaurant is located at 211 Monhagen Ave.

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