Taming Technology with Spy Apps

January 12, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

 Technology is both a blessing and a curse. None of us can escape it, unless we’re into living like we’re a part of Amish country or stuck in medieval times. How do you stay this wired and stay safe while doing it? From our phones that know more about us than our mothers do, to our tablets that dictate a large portion of our day. Your digital devices know the books you like to read, they know the places you like having coffee at, they even know the friends you stay in touch with, and the ones you ignore. Android devices, for instance, provide us with more features than we know what to do with, and it also gives us the gift of worrying about android hacking and malware stories on a constant basis.

Big Dreams, Big Problems

Android is often synonymous with two things: superb innovation courtesy its open source nature, and lots and lots of malware. A lot of people aren’t exactly sure of what to do about problems they face with their Android devices. The unlikely solution could lie in spy apps.

It doesn’t help that malware, almost all of it, is targeting Android first before it looks to other platforms. During the last year there was a 600% increase in the number of malware attacks targeting Android. Google has been trying to fight it all by rolling out one update after the other. However, they don’t support older versions of Android anymore. Some updates are only meant for some versions and often vendors don’t roll out the updates even when they should.

How do you ensure that the data that you have on your phone doesn’t become the victim of a bad app that you installed? A spy app like Mobistealth can do some amazing stuff if you use them right. Some diehard techies and geeks have been known to install these apps on their own devices voluntarily. Why? For data protection. In case a malware wipes out all the data on your phone, what are you going to do? The backup you might have may not have captured every single detail or it may back up only specific things leaving out others. A spy app basically backs up most things you do on your Android device at regular intervals. Heck it can even check the GPS location of the phone to tell you where you were and where you are. From emails, texts, pictures and videos to a whole lot more, there isn’t much a spy app can’t monitor and record from your phone.

A couple of months ago Android faced an interesting threat: hackers tapped into the phone’s data through image based malware and then ‘kidnapped’ the data on the phone. They then blackmailed the phone user for money in exchange for their data. In the event that a backup of the data already existed, who would bother paying that money? No backup collects data as comprehensively as a spy app does. And often the backup itself resides on the phone but in the case of a good spy app everything is transferred to an online dashboard, independent of the phone. So the phone could crash, break or die, the dashboard will have all that data for perusal later.

Losing The Phone

Data theft and identity theft has been on the rise for a while. From losing your phone by mistake to actually getting it stolen, there is a lot that can go wrong. Apart from the obvious benefit of not having to worry about lost data, the app can help you do a whole lot more.

Imagine the amount of data that’s present on it which can be used against you. Someone who wants to tap into your life can easily do so by keeping tabs on your phone. However, in case your phone is lost or stolen, a spy app can actually help out quite a bit. For instance, most of these apps come fitted with GPS tracking which means that they can help remotely trace where your phone went and you can potentially find it if it’s lost, or find the culprit if it’s stolen. There have been cases of the thieves using their “new” phones to take photos and make videos all of which are uploaded to a remote dashboard that the original owner has access to. They actually create evidence against themselves.

A good app will also come fitted with remote commands that you can send to the phone to shut it down. Imagine it getting stolen and falling into the wrong hands, before the person can do anything with the phone you could remotely shut it down with an app like this. You can also remotely lock the phone or wipe all of the data, given that the app has the option to do so.

Controlling A Situation

Apart from the obvious advantages that one gets because of the data backup or GPS tracking that is a part of a good app, it can also be beneficial on phones that one doesn’t use.

Any parents or employers who handed over a phone to their teen or an employee, respectively, will know the perils that come with doing so. Parents have to set up boundaries for their teens just as managers have to measure productivity at work. A decent monitoring app allows for a lot of this.

For instance, if your child is becoming a victim of technology by being cyber bullied or targeted by a stalker, a spy app will actually keep you in the know and help keep your kid safe. Not only can you act when the time is right you can prevent future issues. In many cases of cyber bullying the parents found out way too late that there was a problem because their child didn’t know how to confide in them. There has been one too many suicides that could have been prevented if parents had just known the pain and horror that their teens were living with. An app such as Mobistealth, for instance, would have been able to alert the parents before any real damage was done.

Similarly, keeping the business profitable has a lot to do with protecting its interests. Measuring productivity is definitely not easy but it is made easier through monitoring apps that can produce big data and shed light on how effectively and efficiently an employee works. Of course it goes without saying that any policy to monitor employees has to be kept within a legal framework. It should be an open policy and an employee’s personal devices must never be monitored but company owned devices are fair game.

Let’s face it, none of us can give up our tablets and phones and whatnot. What we can and should do is try to make them safe. And as threats evolve at a rapid pace, our responses need to evolve at the same rate. An innovative solution when trying to tame technology is to use its own tools against it, and a great monitoring app can be a great solution.