Talk Talk Singer Mark Hollis Reportedly Dies at Age 64

February 25, 2019 Updated: February 25, 2019

Mark Hollis, the lead singer of Talk Talk, died at age 64, according to reports.

Talk Talk bassist Paul Webb spoke about the news on Facebook, saying: “I am very shocked and saddened to hear the news of the passing of Mark Hollis. Musically he was a genius and it was a honour and a privilege to have been in a band with him.”

“I have not seen Mark for many years, but like many musicians of our generation I have been profoundly influenced by his trailblazing musical ideas,” according to The Express.

Deeply sad to hear that Mark Hollis (of Talk Talk fame) has died. An incredible and highly singular talent who by…

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He added: “He knew how to create depth of feeling with sound and space like no other. He was one of the greats, if not the greatest.”

Representatives for the singer have not yet confirmed his death.

The news of the singer’s death was posted by author and academic Anthony Costello, who is reportedly Hollis’ cousin-in-law.

“RIP Mark Hollis. Cousin-in-law. Wonderful husband and father. Fascinating and principled man,” he tweeted. “Retired from the music business 20 years ago but an indefinable music icon.”

English group The The later wrote on Twitter that it is “very sorry to hear the news that #MarkHollis of #TalkTalk has died. He was behind some of the finest albums of the 1980s / early 1990s.”

Tim Pope, who directed the band’s music videos, also paid tribute to him.

“Goodbye Mark Hollis of Talk Talk. Condolences to his lovely family. We had many, many laughs together,” he wrote.

Hollis, known for his deep voice, gained critical acclaim on Talk Talk’s last two albums, “Spirit of Eden” and “Laughing Stock.” A number of music critics called both albums, which were a departure from the band’s earlier sound, as among the best of the 1980s and 1990s.

Speaking about the influence of Hollis, Guy Garvey also wrote: “Mark Hollis started from punk and by his own admission he had no musical ability. To go from only having the urge, to writing some of the most timeless, intricate and original music ever is as impressive as the moon landings,” according to NME.

I am very shocked and saddened to hear the news of the passing of Mark Hollis. Musically he was a genius and it was a…

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Before the two critically acclaimed albums, in 1984, the band released the popular, “It’s My Life.”

Hollis released a solo album in 1998 called “Mark Hollis,” which also garnered critical acclaim. The Guardian reported in 2008 that he had retired from making music.

According to another report from a Dutch website, he said, “I spent much time on the writing and arranging. I’ve played at home and built the whole record in my head. You can say that I first made a short manuscript. Then, I reckon, is the actual time to make the album, when you’re ready. At the same time I’ve got a family, and I love to be at home.”