Taliban Kidnaps Pakistani Comedian Who Jokes About Them

April 25, 2012 Updated: April 26, 2012

The Taliban captured a Pakistani comedian who used the militant group as a source for his jokes, according to a report by the Express Tribune on Wednesday.

Nisar Khan was abducted as he was doing his standup routine at a wedding in the suburban town of Matani on Monday, the report said. 

“The militants took Nisar away, saying they too needed an entertainer on an urgent basis,” a local resident told the publication on condition of anonymity. “They told people not to panic and that Nisar is being taken away only for a few days. They said he will not be harmed.”

Nisar frequently performs at weddings and local social events, commonly using the Taliban as a source of humor. 

The comedian recently wrote a song about how the local militants punished a thief. “Shave my head, paint my face black; Mount me on a donkey and make fun of me,” the song’s lyrics said.

He was kidnapped by militants a year ago and was later released around a week later, and locals expect the same this time around.

Some of his lyrics take a serious tone, depicting the realities of living in a restive area in Pakistan.

The Taliban seeks to impose strict Sharia law on areas that it controls and generally disapproves of music, song, and dancing.