Taking Stock of President Donald Trump

February 19, 2021 Updated: February 19, 2021

I would like to congratulate Roger Kimball and The Epoch Times for publishing the extremely well-done overview of the presidency of Donald Trump [published in the Jan. 13 edition]. For the very first time anywhere, your publication and Mr. Kimball have had the journalistic integrity and courage to do a very objective and truthful analysis of Trump’s time in office, both the good and bad.

Sadly, in America, we are so enthralled with sensational media and politically driven “witch hunts,” we have lost the all-Important ability to look in a totally unbiased way at literally everything! [I’ve] taught both undergraduate and graduate courses at a variety of universities for well over 40 years. Publicly, they all say we want to teach students to “think critically.” And then something like the Trump administration comes along, and every involved, supposedly responsible organization (our Congress, the Courts, the Press) cannot do something as basic as what we ask students to do: “Think critically!” It is the highly hypocritical “Do as we say, not as we do!”

While no thinking American can condone the attempt at anarchy that occurred at our nation’s Capital, it is equally difficult to agree with equating the entire Trump administration to this one moment. And then allowing the most undemocratic tactics imaginable (censorship and character assassination, for starters) to further stifle “critical thinking” is almost beyond belief! The older you get, you realize Grandma was a lot smarter than what we gave her credit for, when she told us “Two wrongs don’t make a right!” She had no idea how it would apply to our nation almost 75 years later!

Repeating what I am sure most of your readers are already thinking, we are definitely in “very troubled” times today, and I fervently pray that our new presidential administration will do more than simply pay “lip service” to the very real need to “bring us together” as a people and a nation. Sadly, in my 70-plus years as an American citizen (four of which were serving in the U.S. Army), I have never witnessed a time when the American people were more estranged from their government. And almost pathetically, it seems our revenge-hungry politicians are doing every single thing they can think of to make it worse!

It is time our government stops acting like immature little children during a playground fight and starts acting “responsible” and “adult” for the sake and survival of our country!


Les Hauser