Taking Personal Branding To An Experiential Level

May 26, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

I get asked by business owners all the time: How do I communicate my value in such a clear way that prospects choose me every time? The answer is simple, but the deliver is quite complex. What you need to do is rethink your personal brand and make it as experiential as possible so that it delivers on the results you promised clients and also over-delivers on their expectations.

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated – McKinsey.

So how do you make customers feel? And, how does it connect to your brand values? Below are the starting steps to creating a brand that impacts others in a meaningful way so that customers love you, refer you and want to keep doing business with you.

Smart Water or Fiji Water? Take a trip with me to aisle seven of your local supermarket – that’s normally where they keep the water. How many brands do you see? And, more importantly, which brand do you choose? Water is a great example of the powers of experiential marketing.Here are the top three reasons that impact which water brand we choose:

1. Nonprofit or charity tie ins

2. Bottle design

3. Packaging

All three of these factors impact your purchasing and consuming experience. Which is why when you are standing in an aisle full of the same product you still can’t help but think that one is better than others. Funny, right? So, now consider your company is like a bottle of water. How can you shape yourself differently so that ideal clients naturally pick you?

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel. Just Paint It Another Color. When it comes to making your brand experiential odds are, you already have all the pieces right underneath your nose. Some marketing pieces below to reconsider:

  • Are You Giving Away Something Awesome or Dull? Your freebie is a free sample that you give subscribers or prospects. Most commonly, it’s what you get in exchange for entering your contact information on someone’s website. Freebies are a wonderful way to get prospects hooked and great opportunity for you to shine. So instead of making a Freebie that will just sit in someone’s inbox (ie. 3 Strategies For Sales) instead create an interactive piece you know people will get value from, remember for and even might even share.
  • Are Your Services The Regular Meat and Potatoes? Consider Adding Brussel Sprouts. Packages or Offers are a great way to position yourself as different from the competition because it allows you to custom group services for your ideal customers. Experiment by bundling different services together that you know clients might need at a moderate discount. Then, add a complimentary experiential piece to it like a video, discovery session, gift or follow-up service. The better you know your clients the better you can cater the experience of working with you to meet their needs.
  • Does Your Marketing Collateral Make People Want to Reach Out or Throw It Out? If you have any of this marketing copy already created then consider how to redesign it so that is most effective. Is the collateral interactive or something someone will throughout after meeting you? Is there a poll, quiz or value add people get when they contact you? And if you were them what would you want to hear about most?

How do you make clients feel your value when working with you? Let us know below or email us at info@popcornprod.com.

Curious about increasing your customer’s experience? Popcorn Productions is one of the first experiential marketing companies for small to mid-size business creating  turning dull marketing campaign into three dimensional experiences that results in an increase of referrals and business reputations. For more info email us at info@popcornprod.com.