Take the Plunge

April 15, 2012 Updated: April 15, 2012
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(Courtesy of HydroChic)

Regardless of the season, women are always on the hunt for the right bathing suit. Yet today, it is hard to find a bathing suit that conceals more than it reveals.

With UV rays at an all-time high, those skimpy bathing suits just don’t offer adequate protection. And not everyone wants the kind of attention garnered from wearing a revealing swimsuit, either.

For those women who want to look good, yet cover up when they take the plunge, HydroChic has the swimwear to suit their style.

Founders Daniella Teutsch and Sara Wolf designed the HydroChic swimwear line to fill a void in the market. They told The Epoch Times about their motivation to create their company.

“Like so many other women, with the coming of every swim season we felt the dread of what we would wear—we were out for the perfect suit but it didn’t exist. We really were sick of the bathing suit tug.

“In addition, we were tired of wearing a sloppy T-shirt over swimwear to protect us from the sun and give us added coverage that the traditional swimsuit did not provide,” they explained.

“We wanted to feel as comfortable on the beach surrounded by family and friends as we did in other social settings. We wanted something versatile since we were always on the go—something that we could wear from the house to the beach without having to change, and we wanted that option to flatter and be fun to wear.”

With HydroChic, they accomplished exactly what they set out to do.

Women looking to branch out from the traditional bathing suit will shop from the HydroChic brand for a variety of reasons, according to Teutsch.

“Active women of all ages, from the young mother who is concerned about sun protection and comfort while supervising her small children at the beach, to the active outdoors woman who wants to be able to choose fashionable coverage options when she exercises, to the retired grandmother who is going on a cruise or doing water aerobics or boogie boarding with her grandsons!”

Along with versatility comes the need for durability, ease of movement, and comfort.

“We do not compromise fashion or function,” said Teutsch, emphasizing that quality and fit are priorities. That is why the bathing suits are made using high-quality Italian fabric with materials that are analyzed and lab tested.

Added Teutsch, “We design with the real woman’s curves in mind.”

Besides standard sizes, the suits come in plus sizes, extra small, maternity, and mastectomy fits. HydroChic provides mix-and-match options because women come in various shapes and sizes and most often need a different size top than bottom.

On the website, women can choose from a large selection of tops with different styles and sleeve lengths and then pair it with their choice of bottoms: a knee-length skirt with form-hugging biker pants attached underneath, a skort, long shorts, or pants—all with a comfortable, flattering fit.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of HydroChic)

It is no wonder that recently their styles received a glowing review in “Plus Model Magazine” for enabling reviewer Tulin Reid, executive marketing and creative director of Plus Model Magazine, to participate in water sports without the worry of a “wardrobe malfunction.”

She also appreciated that HydroChic’s Ultra line is chlorine-proof and a wonderful option for aquatics. To test out its durability, she even soaked the bathing suit in chlorine for days at a time, several times. She then wrote about her experience on the website:

“There is no fading, the stitching is perfectly intact, the shape always stays the same without becoming stretched out, and the colors are as vibrant as the day I received them.”

As further appeal to active women, Wolf and Teutsch expanded the look of other traditional modest swimwear lines that often appear dowdy and unwieldy.

Many of the styles sport racer stripes or small pockets convenient for storing MP3s while exercising. Some of the looks duplicate the look of softball shirts, with the sleeves a different color from the body.

Colors reflect modern trends. Some styles have neon piping or strategically placed color blocking for enhancing women’s figures.

For those who are attracted to the brand for sun protection, HydroChic swimsuits offer 50+ UV protection, an added bonus considering the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that there’s no such thing as a safe tan.

According to the FDA website, “Although some people think that a tan gives them a ‘healthy’ glow, any tan is a sign of skin damage,” says Sharon Miller, M.S.E.E., an FDA scientist and international expert on UV radiation and tanning.

Then there are women who choose the line solely because they don’t want to bare too much when they go public swimming or engage in water-related activities. No one traipses around in underwear, but wearing today’s bathing suits often feels—and looks—like that.

“Even many women with perfect figures do not feel comfortable baring all,” Teutsch said.

“There is a sense of modesty in all of us. The difference today is that HydroChic gives a mainstream sporty option for those who do not want to wear the traditional one-piece or two-piece bathing suit. With HydroChic, each woman chooses the coverage that suits her needs.”

So before stepping into the fitting room to try on another off-the-rack bathing suit, it may be time to consider HydroChic’s many options. As Teutsch and Wolf say:

“Our tagline ‘Swim ‘n’ go, we’ve got you covered’ has multiple meanings—all of which resonate for us!”

For more information on HydroChic, visit the website: hydrochic.com