Taiwanese Businesswoman Thanks Local Epoch Times for Truthful Coverage of Pandemic 

By Gu Xiaohua
Gu Xiaohua
Gu Xiaohua
September 16, 2020Updated: September 16, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Japan’s economy, crippling businesses, especially in the restaurant industry. Tse-Min Chin (also known as Tammy Kawamura), wife of the chairman of Japanese restaurant giant Tentsusaikan Group, told The Epoch Times the difficulties faced by the restaurant industry and what people are truly thinking about.

Chin was a Taiwanese actor when she was 16 years old. She co-starred with Brigitte Lin, an icon in Chinese-language cinema, in the 1978 film, “Love of the White Snake.” Chin was shortlisted for Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Horse Awards in 1978. At age 19, she quit the film and television industry, got married, and moved to Japan. In addition to helping her husband manage their restaurants, Chin established her own handbag company, TAMMY, and runs a real estate business that operates in Taiwan, China, and Hawaii. She also operates her own luxury apartment rental business in Taiwan.

When she spoke about the pandemic, she said: “My husband runs more than a dozen restaurants. However, he loses tens of millions every month because of the pandemic. Also, I have cancelled all real estate business in mainland China.”

“Compared with business operations, I want to say that nothing is more important than life and health.” She said, “I was clearheaded in this disaster and thoroughly understand the evil of the CCP.”

The World Is Persecuted by the CCP

Chin said that business is important, but as long as you are alive, there is hope—and the economy will eventually recover. You don’t have to worry too much about it, as ups and downs in business are normal, but the key issue is that people must learn some lessons.

She repeatedly emphasized: “The CCP persecutes people all over the world.”

“COVID-19 has claimed more than 800,000 lives, and it’s like the world has experienced a terrible war. It is indeed heartbreaking, but if mankind does not pay such a painful price, I am afraid that the CCP’s evil actions would not have been exposed.”

“Because the CCP concealed the virus outbreak, the disease harmed the world and claimed the lives of people everywhere. Only then did people discover that 70 percent of the world’s media have been infiltrated and bought by the CCP, and were kneeling in front of money, along with political dignitaries in many countries.”

“We ordinary people, business people, are completely deceived and have no way of knowing the truth. It [CCP] is hurting not just our economy, but also our lives.”

“The mainstream media reports all over the world are lies and are all bought by money. State officials dare not say anything to the CCP. Is it not scary to rely on it [CCP] so much ? When human beings no longer have morals and beliefs, isn’t it over (for mankind)?”

“So I am very, very grateful to The Epoch Times for persisting in reporting the truth, which is rare in today’s world. By resisting the CCP’s money power it lets us understand the truth, so that we can wake up in time and stop doing business with it [CCP].”

Epoch Times Photo
Tse-Min Chin (Tammy Kawamura) in this undated photo. (Courtesy of Tse-Min Chin)

“A long time ago, we were confused by the CCP’s economic illusion, and we just invested in it. I was also doing real estate transactions in China at that time.”

“I grew up in Taiwan and later married a Japanese man. I have been living in places with a democratic and legal system. I did not really understand the cruelty and evil nature of the CCP.”

A Wake-up Call From Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Movement

Chin said that the repression suffered by Hong Kong people in their struggle to protect democracy and freedom, and the loss of life, made her completely sober: “The CCP’s repression is shameless, tyrannical, and inhumane. Under the gaze of the world, this presumptuous bully shows its face clearly.”

She said that because of the resistance of the Hong Kong people, the Taiwanese have come to their senses, rejected the CCP, and taken measures to prevent the pandemic, for which she feels gratitude.

Fortunate to Read the Epoch Times and Learn the Truth

Chin said that what made her most sad wasn’t the loss of business. After all, she now knows the truth (about the CCP’s actions), which is a lucky thing. If a person is alive and healthy, there is still a chance to do the right thing.

However, when Chin shared with her friends and family some of The Epoch Times articles that exposes the CCP’s wrongdoings, she encountered difficulty. She said they only believe in the reports by the media that were bought and controlled by the CCP. For this reason, she understood the CCP’s viciousness even more.

She also said that she now pays close attention to The Epoch Times reports, the pandemic reports of countries around the world, and the recent actions of some governments in holding the CCP accountable.

She hopes that the media and governments that are pro-Beijing can quickly wake up and stand up against the CCP’s tyranny.

“I hope that in the future, our society, including China, will no longer be threatened by the CCP, and the people will live freely in peace and without fear.”

Liu Ru contributed to this report.