Swing Copters Game: App From Flappy Bird Creator Expected to be Free (+Video, Download Info, Release Date)

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is set to release a new game called Swing Copters.

The app is expected to be free, with a one-time $0.99 charge to remove advertisements.

Nguyen pulled Flappy Bird from the app store earlier this year, citing stress, but said later that he was working on other projects.

Touch Arcade‘s Eli Hodapp, among the first websites to report on Swing Copters, says that the game captures the same “just one more try” feeling that Flappy Bird–and even seems more difficult.

“In the game, you play as a little dude who has a propeller on his head. Swing Copters coaxes you to tap the screen, at which point you’re airborne, wildly flying to one side,” it said. “Tapping changes your flight direction, and the goal is similar: Fly through as many gates and get as high as you can. Sort of similar to Flappy Bird, but going up instead of to the side.”

The difficulty is compounded by the swinging hammers.

But Hodapp notes that despite the difficulty, he loves it. “t feels like it’s got all the same qualities that made Flappy Bird so sticky for me. Once you see even the smallest bit of success in the game, you can’t help but play again, and again, and again, always trying to (in my case, anyway) top that amazing five point flight.”

The game is scheduled to be released on Thursday, August 21.

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