Swine Flu Infects 4, Kills 1 in Canton

August 23, 2005 Updated: August 25, 2015

Four cases of the pig plague, known as Streptococcus suis Type II, were recently discovered in Guangdong Province, China. There were two cases of the illness and one death. One patient has been released from the hospital.

According to BBC News, the Chinese Ministries of Health and Agriculture jointly reported that four people were infected by Streptococcus suis Type II in Chaoan County, Yangjiang City’s Jiangcheng District, Nanxiong City and Shenzhen City, respectively, in Guangdong Province. Among the four patients, the first from Chaoan has been recovered and the third and fourth found from Nanxiong and Shenzhen have remained in the hospital for further treatment. Unfortunately, the second from Jiangcheng died due to severe infection.

In addition, Hong Kong Health Bureau found one more person infected by swine Streptococcus suis Type II on Monday, August 22. This female patient is still in critical condition.

The patient’s symptoms included high fever and swollen right knee with pain. As of today, ten cases of swine Streptococcus suis II infection have been founded in Hong Kong this year.