Swans Walk Along Busy City Streets as If It’s Normal

March 17, 2019 Updated: March 17, 2019

On a day out through London’s busy hustling and bustling Town Centre, you can expect to see a few strange characters, anything from the local emo’s blasting rock and heavy metal in the park while drinking an energy drink, to an acrobat walking along Westminster bridge on stilts. In the first half of our video you see exactly that with a little sugar on the top as the video starts with a group of adult swans, accompanied by their sheep dog chaperon and two counter-parts.

The swans hilariously exit a bus onto a busy London street, which is something strangely unexpected for anybody passing by. They are then seen slowly making their way along the pavement closely group together across one of London’s busy bridges.

It’s funny as you watch them walk along the streets as if they know where they are going, or they have somewhere to be, while under expert guidance from their chaperon the sheep dog as he ensures they do not enter the road, or just fly away.

As the swans embark on their sightseeing activities, there is always that possibility of an accidental diversion or wrong turn. Luckily, they’ve thought ahead as their two counter-parts armed with umbrella’s, and gigantic canes which they knock on the ground from time to time, seemingly send signals or some kind of directional code to the birds, telling them instinctively to revert back on track.

In the second half of the video, you see Daisy the duck (she’s the mummy duck to the right), and daddy duck (the big duck on the left…. obviously), chaperoning their diddy ducklings across a busy crossing. We watch as they closely stand guard, Daddy and Daisy united together, ensuring the safety of their four tiny offspring.

After getting half way across the road for some unknown reason the group decide to stop. With traffic building now in both directions, counterparts one, and two (that’s the two ladies with the umbrella’s), start to use the same signaling method seen in the first half of the video. On this occasion however there is clearly some kind of miscommunication, as no matter how hard they try the ducks remain in the road completely disregarding the traffic and their two friends.

The Duck family continue to hold up traffic as they eventually start to regain momentum, we see them slowly cross the road to the other side. Just as the video ends its not completely clear whether the group manage to get to their destination that same day, or whether they are still on that side walk until this very day.

This hilarious video shows we as humans do disregard the intelligent nature of our bird counterparts. This video has also taught us a hard lesson, as anybody considering copying the people from these two clips, might want to reconsider forcing ducks, and even swans to walk for miles which they haven’t agreed upon. As the outcome could be much like our second clip were the ducks exercised their rights and freedoms to walk dead slow and from time to time completely stop.