Suspect Wrestles Officer During Traffic Stop—But That’s Far From the End of It

March 19, 2018 Updated: October 5, 2018

A traffic stop turned into a “crazy incident” for a Walton County, Georgia, deputy on Sunday, March 18, as the suspect started to wrestle with him.

From that point on the situation kept escalating, leading to a car chase, an injury, property damage, and an arrest, thanks to help from a concerned citizen.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office said that the suspect was stopped for driving 78 mph in a 55 mph zone, according to its Facebook post.

(Screenshot via Walton County GA Sheriff’s Office via Storyful)

From the footage, it appears the deputy was about to handcuff the suspect when the two started to wrestle and fall to the ground.

(Screenshot via Walton County GA Sheriff’s Office via Storyful)
(Screenshot via Walton County GA Sheriff’s Office via Storyful)
(Screenshot via Walton County GA Sheriff’s Office via Storyful)

The suspect slipped out and before the deputy could catch him again, he jumped into the car and drove off, knocking the deputy to the ground.

A person in a white truck noticed the incident, turned around, and started to follow the suspect’s car.

“If not for him, we probably wouldn’t have known where [the suspect] went as he turned on a side road,” the sheriff’s office stated. “Now that’s how it’s supposed to be. Thank you, Citizen.”

Police caught up with the suspect and a high-speed chase ensued. Several law enforcement cars were damaged before the suspect’s car was forced off the road, finally getting the driver to stop.

The suspect was arrested and charged with multiple counts, including aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and several drug charges as he possessed a large amount of Zanax, police said.

“We are SO very relieved that our deputy only received a broken toe in this crazy incident,” the sheriff’s office stated. “That makes us thankful— it makes for a very happy Sunday.”

The sheriff’s office didn’t identify the suspect. They didn’t identify the person who helped them either.


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