Surveyed World War II Ship Found ‘Amazingly Intact’ (Video)

April 18, 2015 Updated: April 18, 2015

64 years later and 26 hundred feet underwater, a World War II aircraft carrier surveyed off the San Francisco coastline is  ‘amazingly intact’ , according to NOAA.

Boeing’s 18.5-foot-long autonomous underwater vehicle, Echo Ranger was used along with a 3D-imaging sonar system from Coda Octopus to gather some remarkable images of the USS Independence. The sonar image compared with the historical image illustrates the extraordinarily well-preserved ship.

The visuals show the hangar deck clearly visible and what may even be an airplane in one of the hatches. The USS Independence  served in the Pacific in the mid 1940’s  and was also subjected to atomic blast testing.

The ship ultimately ended up being scuttled in the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. NOAA’s latest finding is part of its mission to map the estimated 300 wrecks in the San Francisco waters.