Surveillance Video Shows Teacher Grabbing Boy by the Face

An Ohio kindergarten teacher was placed on unpaid leave for 10 days after a surveillance camera caught her grabbing a 6-year-old student by the face. The family of the boy demanded that she was fired.

Barb Williams, a teacher for more than a decade at Riverdale Schools in Hancock County, was spotted on camera grabbing the boy’s face as he was walking to the bathroom. Williams then grabbed him by his shirt and pushed him against the wall.

“I would consider what would happen to myself, if I were to do that to her,” said Anthony Nelson, father of the boy, per MailOnline. “If I were to do that to her, I would go to jail.”

“We thought it was just a little incident that happened, and that’s what the school made it out to sound like,” said Anthony Nelson. “And then all of a sudden we get this video today and this is just outrageous.”

She was placed on unpaid leave for 10 days, according to the NY Daily News.

“I watched it out in the kitchen, and I just started crying. I burst out in tears. I called my mom, I called (my husband’s) mom,” Autumn Nelson was quoted as saying by the paper.

It’s unclear how they came into possession of the video.

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