Surveillance Footage Captures Brazen Home Invasion Before Homeowner, Suspects Exchange Gunfire

May 11, 2019 Updated: May 11, 2019

Home security footage captured the moment robbers burst into a home in Kentucky.

One of the suspects kicks the door open and four people enter the home.

Just seconds later, shots ring out from off-camera and all four suspects fled the home, sprinting back through the front door.

A woman can be heard screaming and a man asks, “Are you okay?” just before the footage ends.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office posted the footage, stating: “The WCSO is investigating a shooting that took place late last night at a lot in Country Living Estates. If you have any information on this incident, please contact us at 270-842-1633.”

“During the video you can see that it looks like there was four individuals that kicked the door in, as they approached his bedroom he exchanged fire with them,” Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower told WBKO.

Law enforcement officials said that the homeowner, Austin Orwig, 24, was sleeping when the suspects entered the house. Orwig’s right hand was injured and he was flown to a hospital in Louisville. He was later released, Hightower told WNKY.

It wasn’t clear if any of the suspects were wounded.

Hightower told WKBO that the office released the video in the hopes that people would step forward to help find the suspects. Since posting the footage, the officer has received several tips, he said.

“It kind of plays into with what the mindset of those individuals was when they forcibly made entry into somebody’s home, came in there armed, and attempting to locate somebody and exchanging gunfire with them and shooting somebody it’s invaluable to have that type of video footage,” said Hightower.

The suspects could face charges including attempted murder and first-degree burglary.

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A number of Facebook users shared and commented on the video, most praising the homeowner for defending his home and family.

“Come in our house that’s exactly what’s waiting. Homeowners have every right to protect themselves,” one wrote.

“Great job homeowner!!!!!!!! It’s great stop the thugs,” said another.

“Robbery? Who brakes a door down for a robbery? That looked like some kind of revenge tho thing like the owner knew this was going to happen and was ready,” added another.

“Take time to prepare for home invasion like this. Indoor motion detectors a plus. Train family on what to do when it goes off. First thing is everyone on the floor and cover your ears because if you have never heard a firearm discharged indoors you will be in for a deafening surprise and it can result in miscommunication later. Second thing no one moves unless directed to do so,” added another.

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