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April 26, 2022 Updated: April 26, 2022


For many decades, media has been a vital tool for the people. And whether its use is to control government power or inform the populace on the most pressing issues facing the country, media serves an irreplaceable function in today’s society.

But it is no secret that media can serve much more nefarious purposes. Case in point is today’s mainstream media, which seems motivated by a single purpose: to shape public opinion and create narratives that fit their interests.

And it isn’t limited to just the mainstream media. Social platforms have also begun massive censorship operations that threaten the very foundation upon which this great country was built. Freedom of speech is now routinely being threatened, with big tech companies leveraging their control over the flow of information to decide what news reaches the public.

But with the EpochTV platform, we’ve brought you a platform that inherits the journalistic spirit and values from The Epoch Times and delivers the ultimate bypass of online censorship. With truth and tradition as our motto, we report on the stories that you will not see elsewhere.

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While it is still a new platform, we’re working to bring our audience high-quality content. With notable personalities such as investigative reporter Joshua Philipp, former Justice Department terrorism prosecutor Kash Patel, public speaker Trevor Loudon, and many many more, we give you the facts and insights on today’s biggest issues.

Not only that, but EpochTV also aims to help people search for the truth and goodness in one’s self. To do this, EpochTV is introducing new, exclusive programs that delve deep into the human spirit. Arts & Culture programs will explore the great works of art throughout history and the good they can instill in people’s hearts. Meanwhile, Lifestyle & Learning episodes enhance our understanding of the human body through the lens of cuisine, self-care, and good habits.

In addition, we also support independent filmmakers and producers that want to leave a positive impact on the world. With features inspired by true events, Epoch Cinema provides more content to EpochTV viewers than ever before.

EpochTV is not just another streaming platform. It is your unbiased, unfiltered gateway to the truth behind the world’s current situation. With thought-provoking investigations, award-winning documentaries, and exclusive interviews, join EpochTV today!

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Ryan Yang
Based in New York City, Ryan Yang writes thorough opinion pieces that tackle tough issues in today's world. With his background in history, Ryan specializes in exploring lessons from the past while providing compelling commentary on current events.