Supermarket Recalls 38,000 Bags of Frozen Veg After Pieces of Rat Found Inside

February 5, 2018 Updated: February 5, 2018

A supermarket has recalled 38,000 bags of frozen vegetables after pieces of a rodent were discovered in them.

A British grandmother found half a frozen rat, but not before her family—including her 2-year-old grand-daughter—had eaten most of the bag.

Pat Bateman, 60, told her story to the Sun newspaper, which then uncovered an internal report from the supermarket, Aldi.

Bateman, who lives in Cornwall in the southwest of England, said she made the discovery at the bottom of the bag of frozen veg while feeding lunch to her 2-year-old granddaughter.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I pulled it out. It just looked like half a rat. It had fur on it.”

They left it to defrost, confirming their suspicions, before going back to the shop where they had bought the bag. They were offered £30 ($42) off their next shop by the store manager.

Despite saying that the manager was “very nice” Bateman refused the offer.

Epoch Times Photo
Liskeard, Cornwall, England. (Screenshot/Google Maps)

“I didn’t think he had taken it very seriously so I went home, took some pictures and sent it off to Aldi head office.”

She was then offered £500 ($705) compensation, but she said it wasn’t enough.

“We felt physically sick after finding the rat. We had eaten almost all of the bag before we saw it—and what’s even worse—I fed it to my youngest granddaughter.

The Sun says it now has an internal Aldi report confirming the incident in January, prompting a recall of what the Sun claims is a total of 38,000 bags.

The report states: “Three complaints have been received due to pieces of small rodent being found in 52163 Mixed Vegetables.”

The report says that a product recall was made on Jan. 5.

An Aldi spokesman told the Guardian, “Following Mrs. Bateman’s complaint, we removed this product from sale to prevent any further issues.

“We have suspended all orders from this production site whilst we investigate this matter.”

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