Super Typhoon Trami Explodes in Strength on Its Way to Japan

September 25, 2018 Updated: September 25, 2018

A powerful weather formation known as a super typhoon continued its slow but steady crawl towards the Ryukyu Islands of Japan on Sept. 25, approximating a Category 4 major hurricane in strength.

Weathermen have dubbed the super typhoon Trami, and warn of its danger.

“The intensity forecast is placed on the high side of the intensity guidance,” said the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, of the U.S. Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command, in a warning.

typhoon warning map
Tropical storm warning map showing tropical storm formations in the Asia-Pacific region. (Joint Typhoon Warning Center)

People across Japan should brace for a range of impacts, AccuWeather reported, including damaging winds, flash flooding, mudslides, and widespread travel disruption.

Trami will stay in the open ocean until at least Thursday, causing it to remain a powerful super typhoon.

satellite map showing super typhoon Trami
A satellite image showing super typhoon Trami on approach to Japan’s Ryukyu Islands. (Joint Typhoon Warning Center)

Residents of Japan’s Ryukyu Islands still have several days to prepare for possible impacts or evacuations ahead of the super typhoon’s landfall, which is likely to produce conditions that are life-threatening.

Forecasters say Trami will churn slowly northwestward through Thursday, before accelerating towards Japan from Friday into the weekend.

SUper typhoon Trami forecast track
Super typhoon Trami forecast track (Joint Typhoon Warning Center)

People on the southern parts of the Ryukyu Islands will feel the impact from the super typhoon as early as Friday afternoon, forecasters warn, with increased rain and wind.

Typhoon analysts say the most severe impacts will be from late Friday night into Saturday night, with torrential rain and damaging winds.

Trami will pass near Okinawa, Amami, Tokara, and Osumi over the weekend, with all areas being warned to brace for damaging winds, torrential rain, and prolonged power outages.

From late Sunday into Monday, residents of the Japanese mainland should prepare for the likelihood of a direct hit from the super typhoon.

infrared map of super typhoon Trami
Enhanced infrared map showing super typhoon Trami. (Joint Typhoon Warning Center)

Trami is expected to leave Japan by Tuesday and track towards eastern Russia.

Weathermen say Taiwan is likely to avoid any severe effects of the super typhoon, with predictions of gusty winds and occasional downpours.

Seafarers are advised to beware of choppy waters, with swells already approaching Taiwan and the Ryukyu Islands.

A Strange Visitor

Japanese citizens were shocked when they saw an alligator gar in the street after the flooding caused by Typhoon Jebi receded in early September.

Video footage captured near the Aiga River in Osaka showed the gar hanging over the side of a walkway, stuck under a railing.

The alligator appears to be 5 to 6 feet long, with a wide midsection.

The person who recorded the video didn’t approach the alligator gar, since the species is not from Japan, according to the news service Spectee.

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