‘Super-Slim’ Girl Who Fainted Regularly Found Her Passion for Gym and Changed Her Life

June 7, 2019 Updated: June 7, 2019

Some transformation journeys are just inspiring, and the story of this youngster is one that will motivate you to lead a healthy life.

This remarkable young woman starved herself after developing an intense fear of gaining weight. She was a victim of anorexia, a condition where one’s self-esteem and self-image become distorted. But she courageously climbed out of the abyss and now believes she can help others suffering from the same plight.

This girl struggled with her weight and developed anorexia. In 2014, she weighed about 5 stones (approx. 32 kg). Vera Schulz, from Stavropol, in southwest Russia, has miraculously recovered and is now thriving as a fitness instructor.

She's now a high-flying fitness instructor!

Posted by Daily Mail on Saturday, September 2, 2017

She was constantly fainting as her energy levels were low, and found that school work was very demanding. Her flat was on the fifth floor, and since the apartment block had no lift, it would take her an hour to climb the stairs.

She told The Daily Mail, “I was suffering from a lack of air, I was regularly fainting. Back in the day, I lived on the fifth floor, and I needed about an hour to get up there, as there was no lift.”

Her family was unaware of just how underweight she had become and didn’t realize the seriousness of the situation. She had a fear of eating solid foods and was headed down a very dangerous road.

It was when she discovered the gym that her life turned around. She began to respect and love her body and quickly realized that changing her eating habits would play a vital role in regaining her health.

In the beginning, it was just raw fruit and vegetables, but then Schulz started adding protein to enable her body to build muscle and repair the damage anorexia had caused.

In 2017, her weight became just under a much healthier 9 stones 7 pounds (approx. 60 kg), and she became a successful personal trainer who helps others attain their fitness goals.

Vera once posted, “I have been able to achieve much more in these few years than I had for all my life,” reported The Daily Mail.

It is not easy to overcome an eating disorder on your own, and Schulz surely has made an incredible transformation.


The National Institute of Mental Health reports that 2.7 percent of teens, aged from 13 to 18 years old, struggle with some sort of eating disorder.

As per Mayo Clinic, anorexia is a potentially life-threatening disorder. Those who suffer from this condition “use extreme efforts to control their weight and shape, which often significantly interferes with their health and life activities.”

This condition often begins in teenage years or early adulthood.

As per a report in Medical News Today, eating disorders affect some 30 million men and women in the United States. Nearly one in every 100 American women tend to experience anorexia at some point in their life.

Apparently, it is also believed that eating disorders tend to have the “highest mortality rate of any mental illness.” Reports by Eating Disorder Hope indicate that about 4 percent of anorexic people die from complications. The sad reality is that only one-third of individuals tend to receive treatment from anorexia.

WARNING: Distressing Images.

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