Super Moon Rising Above Sierra Nevada Sequoia National Park California Photo is a Hoax

January 2, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The photo purportedly showing a super moon rising above the Sierra Nevada Sequoia National Park in California is a hoax.

The fake photo is circulating online, and purportedly shows the super moon (in orange) rising above mountains in the park.

“Commonly referred to as a ‘Super Moon,’ it appears brighter and bigger, as the moon will be closest to Earth,” the description outlines. “This shot was taken over Nevada. Probably the most beautiful Moon shot I have ever seen in my life!”

A super moon refers to when the moon is closer than usual to Earth. 

A super moon happened on January 1 and another is slated to happen on January 30, which may have prompted a reirculation of the fake image, which is supposedly from 2012.

But the moon part of the image is photoshopped in. The original image is of the landscape without the moon.



NASA explains more about supermoons in the following video.



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