Summer Fun with DIY Nail Art Looks

By Nicole Chiang, Mochi Magazine

Take your nails to the next level by trying out one of these three nail art looks created by up-and-coming nail art guru Frances Liang. After graduating fromPratt Institute, Liang made her way into the beauty and fashion industry. Last year, she got licensed to do nails professionally at Christine Valmy, an international school for esthetics and cosmetology. Liang’s background in graphic design—as well as her passion for creating intricate nail looks—makes her an amazing visionary. Below, Liang shares three DIY nail looks—and we promise, she made sure these masterpieces would be achievable for those with the shakiest hands!

“Just have patience,” Liang recommends for those lacking dexterity. A lot of nail art looks are completely adaptable and don’t require the steadiness of hands. For example, if you can’t draw a straight line, Liang suggests trying a splattered look where you don’t have to be neat at all.

For each of the looks, Liang suggests taking the time to properly prep your nails. “Manicures need a nice foundation,” says Liang. Before starting, clip and file your nails into an oval shape. Then use a buffer to soften the nail. “It’ll make your manicure last longer,” Liang explains. Next, apply moisturizer to your hands to keep them in tip-top shape. Be sure to remove shine from your nails with nail polish remover before you lay down your base coat.


Epoch Times Photo


Geometric Teals


Make a splash with cool teals in a fun geometric print. We cooled down the look by opting for a blue-based palette, but again, feel free to use whatever colors you have on hand. Here’s how we did it:

1. Find your three favorite colors. We chose China Glaze’s Nail Lacquer in Too Yacht to Handle ($TK), which launches in July, Cover Girl’s Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Out of the Blue ($3.99), and Butter London’s Nail Lacquer in Fiver ($15). You’ll also need a super thin brush for this look.

2. After applying a base coat, apply an opaque coat of China Glaze’s Too Yacht to Handle (we used two coats for this).

3. Next, use the Butter London’s Fiver, a creamy pale candy mint green, to draw rectangles. Compose them randomly in different sizes and positions. Since the brush is square, just lightly press on your nails, drag, and lift to create a rectangle shape.

4. Using that thin brush we mentioned, draw boxes using Cover Girl’s Out of the Blue. Spread the outlines out randomly on your nail to create interest.

5. Allow nails to dry before applying a shiny top coat to ensure your work lasts. 


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