Suitcase with Human Remains Found in Butts County near I-75

December 29, 2017 Updated: December 29, 2017

A driver roaming along roadside on Interstate 75 in Butts County on Thursday made a gruesome discovery–a suitcase with human remains.

The Butts County Sheriff told Fox5 that locked inside the luggage were bones and a skull.

According to a WGXA report, human pelvic bones were among the remains.

The suitcase was reportedly found at mile marker 203 near Harkness and Colwell roads around 1:45 p.m. on Dec. 28 by a motorist scouring the area for a piece of cargo he thought he had lost.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) was called in to assist in the investigation.

GBI spokesman Bahan Rich said in a statement that the body parts were of human origin.

“A motorist searching for a lost item on the side of I-75 southbound, within a few miles of exit 201, located what is believed to be human skeletal remains,” Rich stated in a GBI news release.

He added that it appeared that the body had been in the woods for a while.

“It appeared that the suitcase had been at the location for some time and was not recently deposited,” Rich said.

Ralph Wilson of the Butts County Coroner’s Office suggested that whoever put the suitcase there didn’t simply dump it out of a moving vehicle.

“It appears that it was carried in,” Wilson told reporters.

The location of the find was allegedly not far south of exit 205 in Butts County, between State Road 16 and State Road 35, next to the southbound lanes of I-75.

The remains have been taken to the medical examiner’s office for further investigation.

Anyone with information the suitcase is asked to call the Butt’s County Sheriff’s Office at 770-775-8232 or the GBI office in Milledgeville at 478-445-4173.

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