Suge Knight Dead? Nope, Mogul Out of Hospital

There’s been speculation that rap mogul Suge Knight may have been shot to stop the publishing of a “tell-all” book.

According to the NY Post, Knight may have been shot and put in the hospital during Chris Brown’s party last week because he was due to release a book about his music industry career.

Knight was the former head of Death Row Records, which had acts like Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and Dr. Dre.

“We’re told that Knight — who’s refused to talk to police about last weekend’s shooting — was also recently shopping a movie and had filmed a pilot for a reality show a few years ago, though it’s never aired,” the Post reported

A source also told the paper: “Suge doing a tell-all book would be a huge best seller, and probably one of the few things he could do.”

Some rumors have said the shooting was “planned” but it was botched. “Before the shooting, Chris stood on a table. He was head-and-shoulders above the crowd. If the shooter wanted to hit Chris, there’s no way he would have missed,” another source was quoted as saying.

Another rumor said that Knight was shot by angry assailants who blamed the death of Tupac in 1996 on him.

Earlier this week, it was reported by Us Magazine that Knight was released from the hospital. The publication said he won’t need rehab and recovered extraordinarily well.

And even more rumors–spread mostly on Twitter–claimed Knight was killed. Those obviously aren’t true.

Knight was also shot in the leg during a Kanye West-held party in Miami.