Success in Macau for Hong Kong Bowlers

Ten Pin Bowling—Macau Open and ABF Tour
By Bill Cox, Epoch Times
June 28, 2016 Updated: June 28, 2016

Hong Kong men’s top seed Rickle Kam won his first International event when he lifted the 2016 Macau Men’s Open Masters title on Sunday June 26 beating Japan’s Daisuke Yoshida of Japan.

Kam topped Rounds 1 and 2 of the main competition with 8 game averages of 248 and 240 for 1988 and 1926 totals respectively giving him a direct entry to the final.

In the men’s step ladder final Diasuke Yoshida came through to challenge Kam in the final, but Kam was on fire posting a perfect 300 score to take the title.

The women’s round 2 was headed by Novie Phang of Indonesia followed by Jang Ha Eun of Korea, Sharon Limansantoso of Indonesia, Lee Young Seung of Korea, Jang Ryeon Gyeong of Korea,and Milki Ng.

MIkli Ng dropped out in the first step ladder final with Jang Ha Eun progressing through the 2nd step ladder to challenge Phang, but Pang took the title winning the 2nd game 224-170.

Men’s ABF Tour event

In the ABF Tour Macau 2016 on Monday June 27, Kam topped the men’s qualifiers list ahead of Diasuke Yoshida of Japan, Jimmy Cheng of Hong Kong and Lee Dong Eun of Korea but lost to Kim Bolleby of Thailand in the first round of the main competition.

Wu Siu Hong of Hong Kong reached the semi-finals, beating Bolleby in the 2nd round 232-211 but narrowly lost to Chgeng Hsing Chao of Taipei in the semi-final 223-234.

In the other semi-final, Diasuke Yoshida won the 2nd semi-final beating Lee Won Seok 257-245 and in the final Yoshida overcame Cheng Hsing Chao 245-218.

Women’s ABF Tour event

In the women’s Tour competition Novi Pang of Indonesia topped the qualifiers, followed by Jang Ha Eun of Korea, Sharon Limansantoso of Indonesia, Lee Young Seung of Korea and Milki Ng of Hong Kong was 5th.

In the main competition, Milki Ng lost to Julia Mac of Macau 213-221. Semi-finalists were Kim Mi Ae of Korea, Lee Young Seung of Korea, Wang Ya Ting of Taipei and Jang Ha Eun  of Korea.

Wang Ya Ting of Taipei beat Jang Ha Eun in the semi-final and went on to play Lee Young Seung who had already beaten fellow Korean Kim Mi Ae in the first semi-final.

Lee Young Seung defeated Wang Ya Ting 223-190 to take the title.

Upcoming Asian events

The ABF Tour Macau 2016 leg is the second of six legs to be staged in East Asia this year. The Thailand competition in Bangkok on April 18 was the first. The official partner for ABF Tour events, Alisports is providing prize money of US$4,000 for each leg.

The next stop will be in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on July 10. This is followed by The 42nd Hong Kong International Open which takes place from July 9 to 17 with the ABF tour, Hong Kong 2016 competition on July 18. Other ABF Tour events in Asia will be in Shanghai (Oct 13), Jakarta (Oct 24). The tour tournament of Champions competition is not yet fixed but is expected to be in Kuwait, in November.