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April 9, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016
If you've always been drawn to the classic elegance of Victorians, consider infusing your home with a modern interpretation of this classic style.
If you’ve always been drawn to the classic elegance of Victorians, consider infusing your home with a modern interpretation of this classic style.

When you think San Francisco décor, the classic, beautiful Victorian architecture probably comes to mind.

San Francisco’s beautiful gingerbread Victorian homes are a classic part of the city. Victorian houses are known for their beautiful interiors. Their high ceilings, crown molding, beautiful fireplaces, and huge bay windows encourage a refined and elegant style of décor.

But Victorian style, for all of its classic elegance, doesn’t always mesh well with our modern lives, and today’s interior home designs.

A perfect compromise is opting for a modern interpretation of classic Victorian style. A modern take on Victorian style allows you to have the best of both worlds, resulting in a somewhat subdued and minimalistic take on some Victorian design.

If you’d like to recreate San Francisco in your home, here’s how you can get the look: a modern take on Victorian style.

View: Capital Lighting Duchess Traditional Classic Chandelier
View: Capital Lighting Duchess Traditional Classic Chandelier

Décor: Glamourous and Minimalist

While the Victorians were anything but minimalists, Victorian style lends itself surprisingly well to a modern interpretation. Look for a few modern pieces that draw inspiration from the Victorian era, and offset them against a simple and subdued backdrop for a minimal yet glamourous look. Extravagant chandeliers, ornate mirrors, elaborate rugs overlaying dark wood floors, and delicate, yet practical pieces of furniture can all help you to recreate this look.

View: Serendipity King Post Bed
View: Serendipity King Post Bed

Style: A Careful Blend of Old Fashioned and Modern

Aim to create a timeless, yet modern feel. As you look for ways to carefully combine old and new, try to find pieces that have a timeless, classic feel, and choose one –or two, as statement pieces. Then look for ways to compliment these pieces with modern, minimalist décor details.

View: Luxembourg Tufted Chaise
View: Luxembourg Tufted Chaise

Colors: Clean and Fresh

While Victorian style is all about warm tones and dark varnished wood, a modern interpretation allows you to incorporate this style in somewhat lighter and fresher tones. White, ivory, silver, and pastel shades all work well to convey an old-fashioned feel without overwhelming the space.

Combining modern and Victorian can be difficult –it may take some work to ensure everything blends beautifully instead of looking haphazard. But by taking small steps, working with pieces that you love, taking care to scale back when in doubt, and carefully balance the temptation to go overboard, you can have your own modern day Victorian inspired interior –an excellent way to pay tribute to San Francisco, the city that’s a pinnacle of all things old –and new.

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