Student ‘Sells’ Himself on Online Retailer Flipkart to Get a Job There

March 2, 2016 Updated: March 2, 2016

A student looking for a job at retail site Flipkart tried “selling” himself on the website.

Aakash Neeraj Mittal, a recent graduate, said, “When you are a 6-pointer and competing with best of the best minds of the country, you know how hard it is to land a job,” according to the India Times.


He added: “You start doing some crazy and random stuff to stand out from the crowd. This is my resume for Flipkart’s APM Profile. I didn’t get an interview call though, but I hope it will bring a smile on someone’s face.”

Mittal listed himself on the website for Rs 27,60,200 ($40,990). He described himself as “artistic by heart” and “intellectually curious.”

According to local reports, he didn’t get an interview with the company.

Flipkart is an e-commerce site founded in India in 2007, similar to Its founders, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, had worked for Amazon before starting the firm.