Student Forgets Lunch Money, Receives Moldy Peanut Butter Sandwich

December 1, 2017 Updated: December 1, 2017

A mom was disgusted after her son sent her photos of a moldy sandwich that was given to him after he forgot his lunch money at school.

Amy Wittaker Anders, of Avon, Indiana, wrote in a Facebook post that her son forgot his lunch money and was instead, given a moldy peanut butter sandwich. A photo shared by Anders showed that the bread had a greenish-blue tint.

The school replaced the boy’s moldy sandwich, but he didn’t eat it out of fear, WISH-TV reported.

“I have no idea how someone could not see this was bad when handing it out,” Anders wrote in her Facebook post.

The boy told his mom that another student was also given a moldy sandwich two weeks before that.

“We are grateful to be made aware of the situation and have reached out to the parents and apologized. This is an unacceptable human error and we are looking into it to ensure that this never happens again,” the Avon Community School Corporation said in a statement to WISH.

In New York City, there have been reports of students being given moldy pizza. “It’s probably a good thing that they pulled pizza off the menu that has like black mold on the underside,” said Stuyvesant student Oliver Frank of Brooklyn, CBS New York reported.

And in Maryland, there were reports of moldy and undercooked food being served in Prince George’s County Public Schools.

“You’re giving us something that’s not healthy, that can possibly cause us to die and it’s just unacceptable,” one high school student told Fox5.

“I’ve gotten lunch where my mandarin orange has mold on it,” another student noted. “There have been incidents where the lunch lady had to collect our fruit cup because they were expired. Our milk has been expired. Open up apple juice cartons and it’s been green. It’s just disgusting.”