Stuart Scott Girlfriend Name, Age, Pictures: Kristin Spodobalski Supports ESPN Anchor

July 16, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Stuart Scott’s girlfriend is Kristin Spodobalski. She’s been helping him fight cancer since they started going out last year.

Spodobalski, 26, graduated from Rham High School in Hebron, Connecticut and St. Joseph College, from which she holds a Masters in Business Administration.

While Scott is very much in the spotlight due to his job at ESPN covering major sports events such as the recent NBA finals, little is known about Spodobalski. She has only a smattering of followers on social media and basically no pictures without Scott at her side. Only one blurry one of her on a skateboard.

She doesn’t even use her last name on Twitter, going with the handle kspodo.

Her Instagram profile is private.

She was recently with Scott and some of his friends and family members at a gathering of support for the ESPN anchor. “One amazingly strong man surrounded by mighty women,” she said, tweeting out a picture.

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Kristin is right next to Stuart in both these photos from Twitter.

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Based on her other tweets, it’s apparent that she enjoys food and spending time with her boyfriend, including attending the finals earlier this summer.

Scott, 48, announced that his cancer had come back last January and is known for his high-intensity workouts in an effort to battle the effects of the cancer. The cancer had previously gone into remission in early 2012.


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