Street Style Paris Fashion Week

March 3, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Street Style is the new runway,  where the fashionistas shine and those with creative style get to show their best, on the streets of Paris. If your looking for something classic and understated or if your color is black then save it for next year and think outside the box! Fun is in the air on the streets of Paris fashion week, where those sitting in the audience are as much on show as the runway itself.  Think high fashion with a little parody, where head to toe matching is in and accessories come in all shapes and forms. In a time where social media is at the forefront and behind the scenes snaps are worth gold to many, It’s easy to see why street style is becoming the new fashion and no better place to be inspired than on the streets of Paris.Pics by “Adam Katz Sinding | Le 21ème”