Street Racing Enforcement Ramps Up in Orange County

January 12, 2021 Updated: January 12, 2021

Orange County officers are cracking down on street racing events.

Santa Ana police issued 27 citations, 25 impounds, four street racing-related arrests and 40 spectator arrests Jan. 9 after several cars were caught street racing in the city.

Police said the bust came after they discovered several cars racing and doing donuts at the intersection of Fourth and Cabrillo late Jan. 8 to early Jan. 9.

“They took over an intersection and they were doing donuts,” Santa Ana Cpl. Anthony Bertagna told The Epoch Times. “The helicopter saw they were doing them and reported it.”

Santa Ana is among several local police departments participating in a street racing enforcement program.

The partnership allocates resources to be solely available for street racing. Officers can prioritize calls for street racing and utilize investigative tools such as monitoring social media for street racing activities.

“When we have street racing and people are dying then it’s a big issue,” Bertagna said. “When we have people taking over intersections and a large group of spectators, the potential for people getting hurt is there. It also affects the flow of traffic, or people that are not involved in street racing, when they take over and block an intersection.”