Story About Stolen UFO in Roswell Has Sad Ending

March 25, 2016 Updated: October 5, 2018

Around 3:30 a.m., on March 19, a group of men pulled in at the back of the UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico. Three men stepped out of the red pick-up truck. Two picked up a large UFO decoration stored under the museum’s awning, put it on the truck and drove away.

The Roswell Police Department posted a rather amusing call for help on its Facebook page, asking people to be on the look out for a missing spaceship.

The UFO Museum in downtown Roswell is missing one.
— Roswell Police Department

“There are certainly a good number of spaceships/flying saucers in Roswell, but if you happen to see one that looks a little out of place, please give RPD (624-6770) a call,” the post reads. “The UFO Museum in downtown Roswell is missing one.”

The fiberglass, metal and stainless steel prop was mounted on the front of the museum building, but it was knocked off and damaged earlier by a snowstorm. It had since been repaired and kept behind the museum until it could be reinstalled, RPD stated.

Police found the saucer on March 23 in a ditch along West Second Street west of the town. The prop was destroyed, “torn apart into numerous pieces,” a Wednesday RPD Facebook post reads.

The police is asking anybody who can help identify the thieves or their truck, or who has information about the theft in general, to call RPD at (575) 624-6770.



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